Craving for a wide range of West African Dishes? Introducing Maquie Tante Marie of its dynamic and awesome dishes!  These are the specialties of Maquie Tante Marie, the reason for which we are different among West African cuisine.

Grilled Chicken. Taste and smell the aroma of grilled chicken. Affordable and cheap. The amount you pay is incomparable to the plate of chicken you will get. It is super delicious and yummy!

Here is another specialty. Koliko with chicken or tilapia. Koliko, for your information, are yam chips. They are like sweet potatoes. Try this new thing, koliko with chicken   or tilapia. It is a perfect snack for you! Enjoy its crunchiness and crispness that is beyond description.

Omotuo with soup. It is designated as rice balls in English. You will love this menu. It is usually demanded by many eaters. Be one of those eaters here in Maquie Tante Marie. It will surely become one of your favourites.

Plain rice. Order a bowl of rice. It is affordable. The rice itself is tasty because here in Maquie Tante Marie,                 everything is special. This is for you!

Attieke. Experience the distinct taste of fermented cassava.

Pepper Sauce. Add spice to your food through the pepper sauce specialty of Maquie Tante Marie.

Fufu with palmnut soup or groundnut (pea nut) soup. Have a bite of fufu with palmnut soup or groundnut             soup. It is worth eaten.

Grilled tilapia. Are you a fish eater or tilapia eater? Here at Maquie Tante Marie, you can eat grilled tilapia!

Fried Plantain. Looking for an appetizer? Fried plantain is for you.

Jollof Rice. One of the top notch rice dish in Africa, jollof rice. Available!

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself, your friends, your families, your acquaintances. Here at Maquie Tante Marie, we serve you the best!