Accommodation and Services

Looking for a venue of hosting activities? Seeking for entertainment and peace? Maquie Tante Marie does not only offer you variety of Western Africa dishes and natural soft drinks but also offers accommodation and services in particular to hosting activities. If you are planning and organizing for a corporate lunches and dinners, we go for that. Maquie Tante Marie is a perfect place. It helps you provide your acquaintances, team members, employees, colleagues with energizing lunches and dinners. It is your partner for building teamwork, friendship and comradeship. Enjoy your stop through the live bands and cultural dance displays on request. Listening to music makes your eating enjoyable and entertaining. You will be deeply impressed. It relieves your stress and fatigue from work, school and other long day activities. There is nothing to compare to an atmosphere with resounding music.

Additionally, Maquie Tante Marie can be your choice of venue for parties and celebrations such as birthdays, conferences and so on. It is a hiring premise for functional purposes. Doing conferences, celebration and other motivational activities in a restaurant is in good convenience. You do not need to request for food delivery. Do you want to learn African dishes too? You do not need to go to an institute to learn how to cook. We, at Maquie Tante Marie, offer cooking lessons in preparing African dishes. Come and learn how to prepare and cook African dishes and serve to your loving ones. We serve people, teach and share happiness. We give our best.