Destinations in Ghana

Are you planning to go for a trip in Ghana? Come and explore the beauty of Ghana! Here are the top destinations that you will probably like visiting. Introducing Cape Coast Castle, it is one of Ghana’s most impressive old folks. Volta Lake. It is the largest man-made lake in the world. This is perfect for adventurous traveler. Travelers use boats to reach to the other side of the lake and it takes 24 hours for the trip. Nzulezo. This place is a little fishing community.

It is two hours drive using a canoe (a kind of boat). You can visit also to Busuar beach. One of the nation’s pride and top destination. Enjoy the view of the beach, relax and be pleased. For accommodation, there are hotels that provide you lodging place and even food. Kumasi. It is the second largest city in Ghana, famous for jewelry making, wood carving and where you can see how kings used to live before. Aside from Busuar beach, there is also the Kokrobite beach.

There are other beaches in Ghana but the most famous beaches are found in Kokrobite beach. It is 30 kilometers ride from Ghana’s capital, Accra. It is famous for having Academy of African Music and Art so it attracts people who love and want to learn music and arts. Accommodations and services are also provided. Do you want to experience wildlife lifestyle? Introducing Mole National Park! It is Ghana’s largest wildlife park. Here, you will expect to see buffaloes, elephants, lions, antelopes, leopards.