Food is Life

To eat is to live. Food gives life. It sustains the body which we use as a machine for daily activities. Aside from oxygen, hydrogen and other essential gases that we need to survive, food is also a necessity to live. Food is a basic need. It is undeniable that people work for food. Good nutrition is good health. For good nutrition, we need food because we get nutrients essential for our health from food we intake. But not all foods are nutritious.

There are foods that are sustainable but there are also foods that are harmful. In order to have life through food, we should choose nutritious food. Foods that are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, zinc, less fats and so on. Sometimes, due to our different lifestyles and environment, we cannot maintain what is called balance diet. More so, if we abuse use of food, it is not helpful anymore. For workers, businessmen, individuals who cannot manage to prepare food themselves, they prefer to have instant and processed foods that are easy to make.

For individuals or group of individuals that are apt to just like one kind of food, they just eat one kind of food all throughout. Nowadays, food techniques and preparations are also upgrading. There are many ingredients and spices to add, and many sorts of menus to experiment.  All throughout the world, many experts share their own recipes for making food. Own style, own strategy and own taste. As the food gives life, people give life to food also.