Maquie Tante Marie is Your Best Choice

Welcome to the nation’s pride, Maquie Tante Marie! It is an established restaurant located in Accra, Ghana. Come and enjoy its variety of West African dishes and refreshing natural soft drinks. It is perfect for vacation, meetings, entertainments, parties, team building and so on. Maquie Tante Marie is indeed your best bet and choice! Complete your journey in Maquie Tante Marie. The restaurant’s concept is unique and fantastic. It has broad range of West African dishes that you will really love! It is like a temptation that you will not resist. And you will definitely agree once you taste it. It will not only satisfy your craving but feed you to the fullest.

Taste the refreshing absolutely delicious drinks! It cleanses your body and gives good health to you too. Its cultural character stands out and distinctive. It will make you feel as if you are at home and it gives you a moment of exposure and experience of African culture. Isn’t it interesting? Spacious, relaxing, firm and well-crafted. It has a good and comfortable ambiance.  Maquis Tante Marie renders you the best of bests services, interior and exterior setting, and welcomes you with a warm traditional welcome. Have a great pleasure and comfort under the thatched roof of the restaurant. More so, enjoy an eye-catching view of North Labone where the restaurant is situated. Affordable! Everyone is welcome. Invite your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, family. We are open seven days in a week, 11:30 till late at night. Come and visit us!